Terms and Conditions of Towage & Storage of Vehicles

By OnRoad OffRoad Pty Ltd (OROR), or its associated companies.

  1. OROR standard storage charges are $35 + GST per day. These charges are at the absolute discretion of OROR and may be increased without notice.
  2. All costs associated with the removal, towage and storage of the vehicle must be paid within seven (7) days of demand being made.
  3. In the event that any tax invoice is not paid in accordance with these terms or if the vehicle is abandoned which will be constituted by the owner failing to keep in regular contact with OROR, at not less than weekly intervals, ownership of the vehicle will transfer to OROR.
  4. Once ownership transfers to OROR, OROR is entitled to sell or dispose of the vehicle to recoup its costs and any other costs associated with the sale or disposal of the vehicle.
  5. All goods and property are towed, stored or otherwise handled at the sole risk of the owner.
  6. OROR, at is absolute discretion, may waive the fees for storage for the first seven days of storage.
  7. All requests for the removal of any goods will not occur until the vehicle owner has signed a liability waiver. OROR accepts no liability whatsoever for any remaining items left in the vehicle.
  8. For any goods to be removed from the vehicle, either by us or the owner, a $150 attendance fee per request will apply
  9. OROR will only release any property or goods at its sole discretion, and once all outstanding fees have been settled.