Light Rigid (LR)

A motor vehicle with a GVM of 8 tonnes or less but greater than 4.5 tonnes, or has a GVM of 8 tonnes or less and seats more than 12 adults (including the driver). 

Able to tow a trailer of no more than 9 tonnes GVM.

What you need to get this licence

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Have held an Australian car licence (other than a learner licence) for at least 12 months
  • Go to a Service Tasmanian shop, show evidence of identity (this may be your driver licence) and pass a heavy vehicle rigid knowledge test
  • Pass a light rigid compet
  • ency test or training and final competency assessment with OnRoad OffRoad Training
  • Go to a Service Tasmania shop and
    • complete an application form
    • show evidence of identify
    • pass an eyesight test
    • produce a Certificate of Competency to show that you’ve passed, and
    • pay the licence extension fee


Your current licence Training and Assessment
Training hours are negotiable (conditions apply)
Test Only
(3 hours)
Max: 8 hours
Our vehicle $1140

Your vehicle $930

Our Vehicle $750

Your vehicle $550

Using Your Vehicle Requirements (LR)

  • Registered, (payment of registration is required)
  • Roadworthy, please refer to roadworthy checklist
  • Comprehensively insured
  • Must be at least loaded to 75% of the GVM (weighbridge docket must be provided)
  • A rigid truck above 4.5 tonnes GVM but less than or equal to 8 tonnes GVM, or
  • A rigid bus with less than or equal to 8 tonnes GVM or seats more than 12 adults including the driver.

What will you Receive?

On successful completion of the program you will receive a Statement of Attainment for the class you have completed.

This program is nationally recognised.

TLILIC2014- Licence to drive a light rigid vehicle

You will receive a Certificate of Competence, which you will need to take to Service Tasmania.

Entry Requirements

You must hold a Australian Drivers Licence photo card, or hold an interim licence with a photo card that has just expired.

You must provide details of a medical condition that may affect your eligibility to obtain a heavy vehicle driver licence and OnRoad OffRoad will attempt to obtain a clearance from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

  • For all Heavy Vehicle training, as per requirements of the register of motor vehicles, assessments
    will be audio and video recorded.

Please refer to each Heavy Vehicle class for additional requirements.


To gain a heavy vehicle licence for a particular class. Where training is required an intensive hands on training course has been implemented.


The training will be delivered by an experienced and qualified trainer face to face.

The training follows a specifically prepared course session plan.


Assessment will be conducted using the mandated assessment tool.

The assessor will inform you of the assessment prior to it being conducted.

Roadworthy and inspection checklist

  • Be roadworthy
  • Be registered
  • Have a current registration label and a registration plate fitted front and rear
  • Be comprehensively insured
  • Meet the Heavy Vehicle requirements for each class (Refer to using your vehicle requirements for the relevant class)
  • Be clean and tidy, i.e. no loose articles in vehicle
  • Have a windscreen that is in good condition in the area swept by the windscreen wiper path, (i.e. must not be cracked, scored or badly chipped or otherwise defective so as to obscure the drivers or testing officers vision)
  • Have doors that open from the inside and the outside,
  • Have effective front and rear indicator lights,
  • Have effective brake lights
  • Have effective head and tail lights,
  • Have effective windscreen wipers,
  • All tyres to be fitted to the vehicle must not show a smooth tread pattern that runs continuously across at least 75% of the tyre width that normally comes in contact with the road, or the whole circumference of the tyre,
  • Have front seat belts that are in good condition,
  • Have front seats that are securely affixed,
  • External rear view mirrors must not be defective where it would obscure the drivers vision
  • Have effective reverse lights, and
  • Have an effective horn
  • Have L plates visibly and securely located at the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • Check age and licence requirements, eg. Heavy Vehicle Learner Licence

Your vehicle must be loaded to at least 75% capacity by weight for training or tests. Weighbridge docket must be provided and it must have been issued within 24 hours of the course.

Payment of Fees/Refunds: What if you Cancel/Transfer, What if we Cancel/Transfer?
Payment of Fees

Fees are required to be paid prior to the commencement of courses. A deposit of 50% of the course fee is payable on enrolment and the balance prior to commencement of the course.

Our Cancellation/Transfer
Whilst we always endeavor to run scheduled courses we reserve the right to cancel or defer a course. In the event of this occurring, all fees will be refunded or you may elect to transfer to a course at a later date.

Your Cancellation/Transfer

If you are unable to attend a course, you may elect to re-schedule for that course, but only within 14 days of the original course date. We will not permit more than two (2) such transfers before a fee equivalent to 50% of the course fee will be charged.
If you cancel more than seven days prior to the course you may have any monies paid refunded in full or you may elect to be transferred to an alternative course with a fee adjustment.
If you cancel less than seven days prior to the course you will be charged a 50% (course fee) cancellation fee.
Should you not attend training/assessment a 100% cancellation fee, or loss of deposit, will apply.


An application for refund must be made in writing (see ‘Refund Request Form’, under ‘Forms’ on our website) and will be determined by the Training Manager, or his delegate. Such supporting evidence (e.g. Doctor’s Certificate / hardship) as is deemed appropriate should be provided with the written request.

General Conditions

Entry to OnRoad OffRoad facilities, and undertaking training / assessment, is conditional upon the following –

  • All persons must undertake random breathalyser analysis if requested. Any persons with a positive reading will be refused entry, training and assessment.
  • All persons must have a reasonable level of personal hygiene, and attend courses wearing clean work wear
  • All persons must wear suitable clothing for the course they are undertaking, closed toe foot wear (preferably safety boots), HI VIS and the appropriate PPE
  • If OnRoad OffRoad Staff or Trainers believe a trainee is putting themselves, our personnel, other persons or our equipment at risk, the course will be terminated.

Persons failing to meet these conditions will be refused entry, training, and assessment
They may be offered another date at our discretion. The course fee will not be refunded.

We will hold enrolments for 30 days, if we do not hear from you within this period your enrolment will be cancelled. Your invoice will be deleted. If they wish to proceed with the training you will need to rebook.

Review day terms and conditions for selected courses
Students attending review days.
First two review days will be free for selected classes, for subsequent review days a charge of $200 applies.
If you book in for a review day and do not attend, this will be deemed as your first review day.
Subsequent non-attendance will be deemed as your second.

About the Unique Student Identifier (USI)

A unique Student identifier (USI) is a reference number made up of numbers and letters that gives students access to their USI account. A USI will allow an individual’s USI account to be linked to the National Vocational Education and Training (VET) Data Collection allowing an individual to see all of their training results from all provider including all completed training units and qualifications.

The USI will make it easier for students to find and collate their VET achievements into a single authenticated transcript. It will also ensure that students VET records are not lost.

The USI will be available online and at no cost to the student. This USI will stay with the student for life and be recorded with any nationally recognised VET course that is completed from when the USI comes into effect on 1 January 2015.

A student needs a USI when enrolling or re-enrolling in nationally recognised training from 1 January
2015. This includes if the student is enrolling for the first time, for example, if they are studying at TAFE
or with a private training organisation, completing an apprenticeship or skill set, certificate or diploma
course. It also applies to student’s continuing or completing (re-enrolling) training, including nationally
recognised training undertaken in secondary school.

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