Shifting Gears With A Eaton Fuller Road Ranger Gearbox (Crash Box)

Shifting Gears With A Eaton Fuller Road Ranger Gearbox(Crash Box)A common mistake new truck drivers make is to over rev the engine on the lower gears 1 to 4.This makes the drive jerky and uncomfortable.Lower gears are designed to get the load moving, not to catch up with other road user’s.The correct way to shift gears is to move progressively through the gears, that is if you move off in first gear bring the revs to 1000rpm before shifting to second,then bring the revs to 1200rpm before shifting to third gear,then 1300rpm before shifting to fourth, fifth gear 1500rpm, sixth gear [...]

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Be Safe, Leave Space

Be Safe, Leave Space Trucks need more room to turn, change lanes and stop. By understanding that large trucks need more room to operate, and by taking a few extra precautions around trucks, passenger vehicle drivers can significantly reduce the risks of being involved in a serious crash. Give trucks lots of space — don’t take away their turning or braking room. Don’t merge too soon — when passing a truck, make sure you can see both its headlights in your rear-view mirror before merging back into the lane.

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Truck Training Videos

Truck Training Videos If you are considering obtaining a Heavy Vehicle License, OnRoad Offroad encourage you to view these excellent videos. Swift Academy Backing Tutorial Learn how to back a trailer with this quick and easy tutorial from the Swift Driving Academy. Video instruction by Swift Academy Instructor Paul Fleck. The Following videos are produced by the good folks at G & L Heavy Vehicle Driving Centre” (content and videos reproduced with permission from G & L Heavy Vehicle Driving Centre” ) Pre Departure Check. You MUST do one of these before driving any heavy vehicle to make sure the truck is roadworthy and meets all [...]

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Be Truck Aware

Trucks have blind spots Due to their size and length, trucks have larger blind spots than the average car. This means truck drivers may not be able to see you. So for everyone’s safety, be cautious when driving next to, or behind a truck – can they see you?…/be-truc…/index.html

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