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Apr 01

OnRoad OffRoad Training supporting women in transport.

Chantelle Morrison is a self employed contractor with her partner in the truck driving industry, she has been self employed for 5 years now and when she’s not driving a truck, she works in aged care, hospitality and is a butcher. Chantelle decided to get her Heavy Rigid licence because she wanted to join her partner for long periods of work away from home, after getting her Heavy Rigid licence they bought as second truck and they both now work away together.

Chantelle wanted to get her Heavy Combination licence with OnRoad OffRoad Training because they are going on a work holiday around Australia and she wants to participate in the sugar and grain harvests with her partner. Chantelle says she thoroughly enjoys being a truck driver, the long hours, the open road and how the scenery is always different and changing, but most of all, she loves the freedom.

Chantelle Morrison